php-5.3.8 configure 編譯參數說明

Post date: 2013/2/27 上午 04:17:39

Options that enable extensions and SAPI will accept 'yes' or 'no' as a parameter. They also accept 'shared' as a synonym for 'yes' and request a shared build of that module. Not all modules can be built as shared modules; configure will display [shared] after the module name if can be built that way. --enable-snapshot-build 建立一個快照,打開一切可能忽略的編譯錯誤 --enable-one-shot 優化的快速建設 - 最好的,為發布和快照建設者,不那麼熱的編輯和重建黑客 --with-cygwin 在您的系統上Cygwin的事業之路 --enable-object-out-dir 在生成過程中的二進制對象的備用位置 --enable-debug 編譯與調試符號 --enable-debug-pack 釋放與外部的調試符號的二進制文件(--enable-debug must not be specified) --disable-zts 線程安全 --with-prefix PHP將被安裝在何處 --with-mp 告訴VC9+使用[n,auto,disable]編譯過程 --with-php-build 為您解壓縮的開發庫的路徑 ( 假設,這是一個兄弟的這個源目錄 (..\deps) 如果未指定 --with-extra-includes 額外的包含路徑,使用時一切 --with-extra-libs 額外的庫路徑連接時使用的一切 --disable-ipv6 禁用IPv6的支持(默認情況下打開它,如果有的話) --enable-fd-setsize 設置最大數量的插座選擇(2) --enable-zend-multibyte 啟用Zend的支持多字節編碼 --with-snapshot-template 快照生成器模板目錄的路徑 --enable-security-flags 使編譯器的安全標誌 --enable-static-analyze 啟用的VC編譯器的靜態分析 --with-aolserver 建立AOLserver的支持 --enable-apache 構建Apache1.3.x版本的PHP --with-apache-includes 在哪裡可以找到Apache 1.3的標頭 --with-apache-libs 在哪裡可以找到Apache 1.3的庫 --enable-apache2filter 構建Apache 2.x的過濾器 --enable-apache2-2filter 構建Apache 2.2.x的過濾器 --enable-apache2handler 構建Apache 2.x的處理程序 --enable-apache2-2handler 構建Apache 2.2.x的處理程序 --with-apache-hooks 生成的Apache 1.3.x版本的PHP(鉤) --disable-cgi 建立CGI版本的PHP --disable-cli 生成CLI版本的PHP --enable-crt-debug 啟用CRT內存轉儲調試發送到STDERR --enable-cli-win32 建立控制台CLI版本的PHP --enable-embed 嵌入式SAPI庫 --enable-isapi 建立ISAPI版本的PHP --enable-nsapi Build NSAPI for Netscape/iPlanet/SunONE webservers --with-nsapi-includes Where to find NSAPI headers --with-nsapi-libs Where to find NSAPI libraries --with-pi3web Pi3Web --disable-bcmath 公元前風格精度數學函數 --with-bz2 BZip2 --disable-calendar 支持日曆轉換 --disable-com-dotnet COM and .Net support --disable-ctype ctype --with-curl cURL support --with-dba DBA support --with-enchant Enchant Support --without-ereg POSIX extended regular expressions --enable-fileinfo fileinfo support --disable-filter Filter Support --disable-ftp ftp support --without-gd Bundled GD support --without-t1lib t1lib support --with-gettext gettext support --with-gmp Include GNU MP support. --disable-hash enable hash support --with-mhash mhash support --without-iconv iconv support --with-imap IMAP Support --with-interbase InterBase support --enable-intl Enable internationalization support --disable-json JavaScript Object Serialization support --with-ldap LDAP support --enable-mbstring multibyte string functions --enable-mbregex multibyte regex support --disable-mbregex-backtrack check multibyte regex backtrack --with-mcrypt mcrypt support --with-mssql mssql support --with-dblib mssql support with freetds --without-mysqlnd Mysql Native Client Driver --with-oci8 OCI8 support --with-oci8-11g OCI8 support using Oracle 11g Instant Client --disable-odbc ODBC support --with-openssl OpenSSL support --with-pgsql PostgreSQL support --with-pspell pspell/aspell (whatever it's called this month) support --disable-session session support --enable-shmop shmop support --with-snmp SNMP support --enable-sockets SOCKETS support --with-sqlite3 SQLite 3 support --with-config-file-scan-dir Dir to check for additional php ini files --with-sybase-ct SYBASE_CT support --with-tidy TIDY support --disable-tokenizer tokenizer support --disable-zip ZIP support --disable-zlib ZLIB support --without-libxml LibXML support --without-dom DOM support --enable-exif exif --with-mysql MySQL support --with-mysqli MySQLi support --enable-pdo Enable PHP Data Objects support --with-pdo-dblib freetds dblib (Sybase, MS-SQL) support for PDO --with-pdo-mssql Native MS-SQL support for PDO --with-pdo-firebird Firebird support for PDO --with-pdo-mysql MySQL support for PDO --with-pdo-oci Oracle OCI support for PDO --with-pdo-odbc ODBC support for PDO --with-pdo-pgsql PostgreSQL support for PDO --with-pdo-sqlite for pdo_sqlite support --with-pdo-sqlite-external for pdo_sqlite support from an external dll --disable-phar disable phar support --enable-phar-native-ssl enable phar with native OpenSSL support --without-simplexml Simple XML support --enable-soap SOAP support --with-sqlite SQLite support --without-wddx WDDX support --without-xml XML support --disable-xmlreader XMLReader support --with-xml rpc XMLRPC-EPI support --disable-xmlwriter XMLWriter support --with-xsl xsl support